Friday, April 11, 2008

Luxury Golf Carts

More people than ever are living in exclusive, gated communities that are surrounded by golf courses. For this reason, the demand for golf carts has reached an all time high. Those who want simply the best when it comes to these small vehicles are opting to purchase luxury golf carts that cost upward of $15,000.

Luxury golf carts can go both on the street and on the golf course. Those who live in golfing communities enjoy the convenience of owning these vehicles as they can hop in the golf cart and go right to the golf course without having to rent a golf cart. In addition, people can use these vehicles in the neighborhood. Retirement communities throughout the United States are rife with golf carts. People own golf carts and use them within the community like they would use an automobile, despite the fact that they generally go less than 20 miles an hour.

Those who really want to show off both on the golf course and off are more inclined to purchase one of the many luxury golf carts that are on the market today. While most golf carts on the market cost less than $10,000, luxury golf carts cost more than $15,000 and come with such additions as coolers and DVD players in the cart. Some of the luxury golf carts feature custom luxury upholstery and windshields and have the look of a Hummer.

Golf carts are usually two seaters, but some luxury golf carts have four seats. This can be beneficial for a night on the town in the retirement community as well as a round of golf with several friends. As more baby boomers are beginning to retire and more people are taking up the sport of golf like never before, there is a growing need for these small vehicles that anyone can easily learn to operate. Even people who have never drove a car can learn to drive a golf cart.

Those who truly want the very best and want to be the envy of the golf course as well as the gated community in which they live will be happy to shell out nearly $20,000 for one of the many luxury golf carts that are on the market. Most of the new, luxury golf carts are electrically powered, so there is no need for gasoline. They come with rechargeable batteries that can either be charged anytime when the vehicle is not in use or overnight in the garage. Some luxury golf carts come with special keys so that no one can steal the vehicle. Unlike automobiles, golf carts generally have one key that fits all vehicles, so it makes sense for anyone purchasing luxury golf carts to get a special key made so no one will steal their prized possession.

Luxury golf carts are all the rage in upscale gated communities and retirement villages. They are particularly prevalent in places such as Florida, California and Arizona as well as parts of South Carolina. Anywhere you find warm weather and gated golfing communities, you can be sure to find luxury golf carts in the driveways of many homes.